In SAP Material Management (MM), master data refers to the foundational data that is maintained and used to execute various procurement and inventory management processes. The key master data objects in SAP MM include materials, vendors, and purchasing information records.

1. Material Master Data: – Materials represent the physical goods or services that an organization procures, produces, sells, or consumes. In SAP MM, material master records are created and maintained for each material. Material master data contains information such as material description, unit of measure, stock availability, pricing, and other relevant details

2. Business Partner: – In SAP, the concept of Business Partner (BP) is a central component that serves as a single point of entry to create, edit, and view master data for business partners across various SAP modules. The Business Partner concept replaces and consolidates the previously separate master data objects such as customer master, vendor master, and contact person master.

Overall, the Business Partner concept in SAP provides a unified and flexible approach to managing master data for customers, vendors, and other business partners. It streamlines data management, enhances data consistency, and improves business processes across different modules in the SAP system.

3. Purchase Info Record: – In SAP, a Purchase Info Record (PIR) is a master data object used in the Materials Management (MM) module. It stores purchasing-related information for a specific combination of a material and a vendor. The PIR contains data such as pricing conditions, delivery terms, and other relevant information that is used during the procurement process.

4. Source List: – In SAP, a Source List is a master data object used in the Materials Management (MM) module. It allows you to define and maintain a list of preferred or approved sources of supply for materials. The Source List determines which vendors are allowed to supply specific materials, and it helps enforce vendor selection rules during the procurement process.


Material Master Vendor Master Purchase Info Record Source List
MM01 – Create Material

MM02 – Change Material

MM03 – Display Material

MM04 – Display Changes

MM06 – Delete Material



BP – Create Business Partner

BP – Change Business Partner

BP – Display Business Partner

ME11 – Create PIR

ME12 – Change PIR

ME13 – Display PIR

ME01 – Create Source List

ME03 – Change Source List

ME04 – Display Source List

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