SAP Workflow

SAP Workflow Overview?

SAP Wokflow is one of the important business tool that automates all the business processes within SAP solutions. SAP Business workflow is used for business process like approval procedure and other processes like month ending or year ending activities.

Advantages of SAP Workflow
The major advantages of SAP workflow are as follows.

  • Reduction of process time, as it automates the business process.
  • Increase in flow of the business process as you can store process documentation within the workflow.
  • Workflow helps to increase the quality of work as it reduces the manual process. Let take one example “Requesting for Leave”

With SAP Workflow

  • When employee applies for leave from the company portal, his manager receives the notification mail regarding to the leave.
  • Manager logins to company portal and approve or reject his leave with a single click.
  • Workflow can be set up to remind the manager automatically through the mail.
  • So the manager can accept or reject his leave. Workflow helps to remind the manager if forget about his employee leave request

Without SAP Workflow

  • Employee applies leave request by calling his manager or write a leave request.
  • Manager has to check manually and update leave request in the database.
  • Some times manger may forget about the leave request.
  • With workflow it takes lot of time to process any request. or business process.