Salesforce Training in Akurdi

Why Salesforce Training?

Salesforce technology is rapidly transforming the way companies operate, it is transforming job profiles and careers. Obtaining a Salesforce certification from the best training institute is essential as it can provide the initial launch pad for your career. A certification also provides the candidate with an upper hand among peers.

The Salesforce training in Akurdi, Pune offered by DroIT Solutions is provided either through the cloud or in-person by proven instructors.

Scope of Salesforce Training:

Salesforce training has rapidly gained popularity among professionals looking to enhance their skills for job promotions. People from various job profiles seek the course and we recommend the Salesforce training course for IT Professionals, Administrators, Developers, Implementers, Project managers, Graduates, SAS Enterprise Miner, and end users. DroIT Solutions is the best Salesforce training institute in Akurdi Pune, offering comprehensive Salesforce courses and certifications. Our experienced trainers provide industry-specific insights and hands-on learning experiences to help you become a certified Salesforce

The training provided by DroIT Solutions teaches you to design, implement, and make custom apps that would make you adept at cracking the Salesforce certification. A professional training at our institute can expect one of these professional roles.

Best Salesforce Training Institute in Pimpri Chinchwad

Administrator: It is the responsibility of a Salesforce administrator to manage users, data, and security. They also manage the sales cloud and Service Cloud applications. As a Salesforce administrator, you will be expected to prepare reports, build dashboards, etc. on the Salesforce CRM.

Application Builder: As an app developer, you will have to make a custom application with the use of declarative customization capabilities of Presenting it plainly, an app builder would be required to build the user interface, data model, security for application developed, and business logic.  You will also be required to design applications for the mobile.

Developer: A Salesforce developer uses custom tools such as Apex and Visual Force to build custom applications. Some aspects of the job profile also include testing and deployment of software applications. Salesforce Developer Course Syllabus.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

  • What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?
  • CRM Basic entities
  • Sub Modules of CRM
  • Existing CRMs

Salesforce Introduction

  • What is Salesforce?
  • Why Salesforce?
  • Different editions in Salesforce
  • How to sign up for Developer Edition?

Salesforce Basic Navigations

  • What are Records?
  • What are Related Lists?
  • Action Column
  • Help Links

Development in Salesforce

  • Custom Settings
  • Visualforce Components
  • Difference between Developer, Configuration only and Full Sandboxes.
  • Adding controller to Visualforce page
  • Apex Classes
  • Custom Labels
  • Adding Error message in Visualforce page
  • Triggers
  • Unit testing
  • Batch Apex
  • Database.SavePoint and Database.Rollback
  • IDE installation
  • Salesforce to Salesforce connection
  • Calling Apex method from Custom Button
  • Java to Salesforce connection
  • Fetching data from another Salesforce organization
  • Date Picker in Visualforce page
  • With Sharing and Without Sharing in Apex Classes
  • List, Set and Map collection data types
  • Moving Components from one organization to another organization
  • Creating table in VF using apex:panelGrid
  • Standard Controller, Custom Controller and Extensions
  • How to create a Sandbox in Salesforce?
  • How to login into Sandbox in Salesforce?
  • How to create Inbound Change set?
  • How to create Outbound Change set?
  • Adding help text for apex:inputText
  • Debugging Apex code
  • Try and Catch block
  • Governor Limits in Salesforce
  • Hide and Show in Visualforce page
  • Date and Datetime
  • SOQL
  • Coding Standard in Salesforce